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Emblem o Israel.

The Emblem o Israel (Ebreu: סמל מדינת ישראל) shows a menorah surroondit bi an olive branch on each side, an the writin "ישראל" (Ebreu for Israel) belaw it. While the backgrund o the emblem is aaways blue, the menorah an olive branches can be either white or golden. The white-on-blue version appears on the presidential staundart, while the gold-on-blue version is the common ane when showin the emblem independently.

The image uised on the Coat o Airms is based on a depiction o the menorah on the Airch o Titus.

The State o Israel adoptit the emblem efter a design competition held in 1948. The design is based on the winnin entry submittit by Gabriel an Maxim Shamir's proposal, wi elements taken frae ither submissions, such as Oteh Walisch an W. Struski's an Itamar David an Yerachmiel Schechter's entries.

The menorah wis uised in the ancient Temple in Jerusalem an haes been a seembol o Judaism since ancient times. It seembolizes universal enlichtment. The olive branches seembolize peace.

The emblem o Israel is depictit on the front cover o Israeli passports.

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