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The emblem o Kazakhstan wis adoptit on Juin 4, 1992. The authors o the emblem are Jandarbek Melibekov an Shota Walikhanov. Aboot 245 projects an 67 description designs o the future airms teuk pairt in the final competition.[1]

The emblem is an image o shanyrak (Kazhakh:Шаңырақ, şañıraq; mair aften seen in the Roushie transcription, Шанырак, shanyrak), the upper dome-like portion o a yurt, against a sky blue backgrund which irradiates (in the form o sun rays) uyks (supports) set aff bi wings o meethical horses. The circle shape o the Emblem is a seembol o a life an eternity. The shanyrak seembolizes well-being o family, peace an calmness.

A design vera similar tae the Kazakh shangyraq is uised in the flag o the neighborin Kyrgyzstan; it is kent as tunduk in Kyrgyz.

The colour version o the Naitional Emblem o the Republic o Kazakhstan consists o twa colours: gold an sky blue. The golden colour corresponds tae a licht, clear future o Kazakhstani fowk, an the blue sky colour is a seembol o aspiration tae the peace, consent, friendship an unity wi aw fowk.[2]

The name o the kintra in Kazakh, ҚA3AҚCTAH, is in the lower pairt o the coat o airms.

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