Coat o airms o Bosnie an Herzegovinae

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The Coat o Airms o Bosnie an Herzegovinae wis adoptit in 1998, replacin the previous design that haed been in uise syne 1992 when Bosnie an Herzegovinae gained unthirldom, an follaes the design o the naitional banner. The three pointit shield is specific an is tae seembolise the three major ethnic groups o Bosnie, as well as allude tae the shape o the kintra. The starns wur adoptit tae replace the fleur de lys that wur foond on mair auncient coat o airms tae avoid singlin oot the Bosniak ethnicity as maist prominent, an possibly tae allude tae the European Union, o which the state is recognised as a potential candidate for entry.

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