Coat o airms o Cyprus

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Coat of Arms of Cyprus.svg

The coat o airms o Cyprus depicts a dove carryin an olive branch (a well-kent seembol o peace) ower “1960”, the year o Cypriot unthirldom frae Breetish rule. The background is a copper-yellow colour; this seembolises the lairge deposits o copper ore on Cyprus (chiefly in the form o chalcopyrite, which is yellow in colour).

When Cyprus wis a Breetish Croun Colony, local colonial offeecials uised a coat o airms (which wur niver in fact offeecially grantit) o twa lions passant guardant, based on the emblem o Breetain.

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  • The Cypriot coat o airms wis recently selectit as the main motif o a vera heich value collectors' coin, the Cyprus introduction tae the Eurozone commemorative coin, mintit in 2008. The obverse depicts the Coat o airms o Cyprus while the reverse depicts Cyprus connectit wi a ring tae Europe, οn a transfigured map.

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