Coat o airms o Spain

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The current coat o airms o Spain, tho it haes its ruits centuries back, wis approved bi law [1] in 1981, whan the present establisht replaced the interim version whilk, in turn, replaced the offeecial airms o Francoist Spain. The coat o airms appears in the banner o Spain.

The Spaingie coat o airms seembolizes the kintra, the auld kinricks o Spain, the Ryal Croun, the Imperial Croun, the Constitutional monarchy, the Spaingie naitional slogan: Plus Ultra, an the Pillars o Hercules wi the Spaingie geographic situation.

Features[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Spaingie coat o airms is componed o sax ither airms an some additional heraldic seembols:

Kinricks o Spain Additional heraldic seembols
Airms Meanin Details
Kinrick o Castile 1st quarter
Gules, a three touered castle Or, masoned sable an ajouré azure.
Kinrick o León 2nt quarter
Argent, a lion rampant purpure(sometimes blazoned gules) crouned Or, langued an airmed gules.
Croun o Aragon 3rd quarter
Or, fower pallets gules.
Kinrick o Navarre 4t quarter
Gules, a cross, saltire an orle o chains linked thegither Or, a centre pynt vert.
Kinrick o Granada enté en pynt
Argent, a pomegranate proper seedit gules, supportit, sculptit an leaft in twa leafs vert.
Airms Meanin Details
Hoose o Bourbon
(Anjou Branch)
Azure bordure gules, three fleur-de-lis Or
Oval in the offeecial version.
Pillars o Hercules Supporters
an auncient name gien tae the Strait o Gibraltar. The slogan plus ultra means 'forder ayont' in Laitin
Imperial croun (Holy Roman Empire,
Austrian version)
Top o supporter
Keeng Charles I o Spain's croun. He wis Holy Roman Emperor Charles V an aw (Imperial croun's later appearance)
Spaingie Ryal croun
(Heraldic crown)
Helm & Top o supporter
Or an precious stanes, wi aicht rosettes, five visible, an aicht pearls interspersed, closed at the tap bi aicht diamonds an aa adorned wi pearls an surmountit bi a cross on a globe

The present design, in maugre o criticism bi heraldic experts,[2] is regulate bi:

  • Act 33/1981, datit 5 October, on the Coat o Airms o Spain (Offeecial Gazette nº 250, datit 19 October)
  • Ryal Decree 2964/1981, datit 18 December, approvin the offeecial Coat o Airms o Spain (Offeecial Gazette nº 221, datit 15 September)
  • Ryal Decree 2267/1982, dated 3 September, technically specifeein the colours o the Arms o Spain (offeecial Gazette nº 221, dated 15 September)

The Monarch haes his ain personal airms.

Chromatic colours o the Spaingie airms[eedit | eedit soorce]

pantone xxx pantone 186 pantone 877 pantone 872 pantone 3415 pantone 2935 pantone 218 pantone 1345

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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