Kinrick o León

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Kinrick o León
Reinu de Llïón (Leonese)
Reino de León (in Spaingie)
Reino de León (in Galicie)
Reino de Leão (in Portuguese)
Regnum Legionense (in Laitin)
Emblema del Reino de Asturias.svg
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910–1230 Royal Banner of the Crown of Castille (Early Style).svg
Banner Shield
The Kinrick o León (yellae) in 1095.
Caipital León
Leids Astur-Leonese,[1] Latin, Castilian, Mozarabic, Galician-Portuguese
Releegion Roman Catholic
Government Feudal monarchy
 -  910–914 García I (first)
 -  1188–1230 Alfonso IX (last)
Legislatur Cortes o León
Historical era Middle Ages
 -  Established 10 December 910
 -  Incorporatit intae the Croun o Castile 23 September 1230
The day pairt o  Spain

The Kinrick o León (Spaingie: [leˈon]; Astur-Leonese: Reinu de Llïón, Spaingie: Reino de León, Galician: Reino de León, Portuguese: Reino de Leão, Laitin: Regnum Legionense) wis an independent kinrick situatit in the northwast region o the Iberian Peninsula.

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Coordinates: 40°58′40″N 5°40′19″W / 40.97782°N 5.67186°W / 40.97782; -5.67186