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Portuguese leid

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Pronunciation[puɾtuˈɣeʃ], [poʁtuˈɡes]
Native taePortugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and other Lusophone kintras
Native speakers
215 million (2010)[1]
Total (L1 plus L2): 250 million (2012)[2]
Early form
Latin (Portuguese alphabet)
Portuguese Braille
Leid codes
ISO 639-1pt
ISO 639-2por
ISO 639-3por
Whaur Portuguese is spak athort the warld.
  Native leid
  Offeecial and administrative leid
  Cultural or secondary leid

Portuguese (Portuguese: português) is the Romance leid that cam frae Portugal but haes spreid athort the warld lang syne.

Wha speaks Portuguese

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The Portuguese leid is the 3rd maist spoken wastren leid (juist efter Inglis an Spaingie) wi aboot 200 million native speakers, an a puckle mair millions aw ower the warld acause the fowk o Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique etc. that traivelt tae mony different pairts o the warld.

Portuguese an Spaingie is baith romance leids an haes a lot o things in common. But they´re no the same. Whilk a Portuguese speaker can unnerstaund a Spaingie speaker, but maist o the times it disna happen. The same aboot Spaingie speakers unnerstaundin Portuguese speakers. A little example is: "Abri a janela muito rápido para jantar" (Portuguese) "Abrí la ventana muy pronto para cenar" (Spaingie) "A opent the windae gey fast sae A can hae denner" (Scots)

The places whaur fowk speaks Portuguese as their mither tongue is Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea Bissau, Macao (Region o Cheenae), Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé an Príncipe an in the ceeties o Goa, Damão an Diu (Indiae).

Wirds in Portuguese that's seemilar tae Scots anes

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Portuguese an Scots haes wirds that means the same thing an leuk seemilar an aw. This is acause thir wirds cam frae the same leids (for example the Laitin, Greek or the French).


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  • Visão Veesion
  • Informação Information
  • Confuso Confuised
  • Baptismo (Portugal) / Batismo (Brazil) Bapteesm
  • Artigo Airticle
  • Capital Caipital
  • Total Tot
  • Mapa Map
  • Problema Problem
  • História Heestory

Some Scots wirds cam frae Portuguese, for example tank (tanque) an cacao (cacau).

Examples o uisual phrases

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  • Oi! Hey!
  • Olá! Hello!
  • Que Tal? (Portugal) / Como Vai (Brazil)? Whit like?
  • Estou bem, obrigado. A'm fine, thanks.
  • Fala(s) português? Dae ye speak Portuguese?
  • Falo português. A speak Portuguese.
  • Não falo português. A dinna speak Portuguese.
  • Não falo bem português. A dinna speak much Portuguese.
  • Tenho que ir, adeus! (Portugal) / Tenho que ir, tchau! (Brazil) A maun gang, bye!
  • Até logo! Speak to you later!
  • O que (é que) estás a fazer? (Portugal) / O que você está fazendo? (Brazil) Whit ye daein?
  • Obrigado/a. Thank you

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