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Republic o Cabo Verde
República de Cabo Verde
Anthem: Cântico da Liberdade  (Portuguese)
Chant o Freedom
Location o  Cape Verde  (dark blue) – in Africa  (light blue & dark grey) – in the African Union  (light blue)
Location o  Cape Verde  (dark blue)

– in Africa  (light blue & dark grey)
– in the African Union  (light blue)

and largest city
14°55′N 23°31′W / 14.917°N 23.517°W / 14.917; -23.517
Offeecial leids Portuguese
Recognised naitional languages Cape Verdean Creole
Demonym Cabo Verdean[1]
Govrenment Unitar semi-presidential republic[2]
• Preses
Jorge Carlos Fonseca
Ulisses Correia e Silva
Legislatur National Assembly
• frae Portugal
5 Julie 1975
• Total
4,033 km2 (1,557 sq mi) (172nt)
• Water (%)
• 2015 estimate
525,000 (167t)
• Density
123.7/km2 (320.4/sq mi) (89t)
GDP (PPP) 2016 estimate
• Total
$3.649 billion[3]
• Per capita
GDP (nominal) 2016 estimate
• Tot
$1.747 billion[3]
• Per capita
Gini (2008) 47.2[4]
HDI (2015) Increase 0.646[5]
medium · 122nt
Currency Cape Verdean escudo (CVE)
Time zone UTC-1 (CVT)
• Summer (DST)
UTC-1 (no observit)
Drivin side richt
Cawin code +238
ISO 3166 code CV
Internet TLD .cv

Cape Verde /ˌkp ˈvɜːrd/ (Portuguese: Cabo Verde, pronounced: [ˈkabu ˈveɾdɨ]), offeecially the Republic o Cabo Verde,[6] is an island kintra, spannin an archipelago o 10 islands locatit in the central Atlantic Ocean, 570 kilometres aff the coast o Wastren Africae. The islands, kiverin a combined aurie o slichtly ower 4,000 square kilometre (1,500 sq mi), are o volcanic origin an while three o them (Sal, Boa Vista an Maio) are fairly flat, sandy an dry, the remainin anes are generally rockier an haes mair vegetation. Acause o the infrequent occurrence o rainfaa, the oweraw landscape isnae parteecularly green, in maugre o whit the kintra's name suggests (verde is Portuguese for "green"). The name o the kintra stems insteid frae the naurhaun Cap Vert, on the Senegalese coast.[7]

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