Naitional emblem o Cape Verde

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Naitional Emblem o Cape Verde
ArmigerRepublic o Cape Verde
EscutcheonThe national emblem of Cape Verde contains a circle within which is written the name of the nation in Portuguese; also in this circle are a torch and triangle, symbols of freedom and national unity. The circle is ringed with ten stars, that represent the islands of Cape Verde, and is similar to the symbolism on the flag of Cape Verde. At the top of the shield is a plumbob, a symbol of righteousness; three chain links are at the bottom.
MottoRepública de Cabo Verde
"Republic o Cape Verde"

The naitional emblem o Cape Verde conteens a circle athin which is written the name o the naition in Portuguese. Athin the circle are a torch an triangle, seembols o freedom an naitional unity. At the tap o the shield is a plumbob, a seembol o richteousness; three chain links are at the bottom. This emblem replaces the earlier variant wi the seashell that haed been in uise syne independence. The current emblem wis adoptit in 1992.[1]

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