Coat o airms o Zimbabwe

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Coat o airms o Zimbabue

The Coat o Airms o Zimbabwe wis adoptit on September 21, 1981, ane year an five month efter the naitional banner wis adoptit.

Description[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Coat o Airms depicts twa kudus on the left an richt, each standin on tap o an earthly moond componed o stalks o wheat, a pile o cotton, an a heid o maize. At thair feet thare is an' a' a banner emblazoned wi the Zimbabwe naitional motto (Unity, Freedom, Wirk). The shield itself is green, featurin 14 waves o alternatin white an blue waved lines at tap (chief argent), an an' a' at the centre o the shield a representation o the auncient Kinrick o Great Zimbabwe is shawn. Placed ahint the shield are an agricultural hoe (tae the left) an an automatic rifle (tae the richt), baith o which are tied wi twistit strips o green an gowd silk. On the crest, the red star an the Great Zimbabwe Bird, which are an aa depictit in the naitional banner, are shawn.

Meanings[eedit | eedit soorce]

The meanings o the Zimbabwe Coat f Airms are as follaes:

  • Kudus: the unity o Zimbabwe's various ethnic groups
  • Earthly Moond wi plants: the need tae always provide for the Zimbabweans
  • Motto Banner: the need tae maintain naitional unity an the preservation o freedom
  • Green Shield: the fertility o the kintra's soil an watter
  • Great Zimbabwe: the historical heritage o the naition
  • Hoe an Rifle: Celebrates the struggle for peace an democracy, as well as the proud wirk-ethic o the Zimbabwean fowk. Thay an aa seembolise the transition frae war tae peace.
  • Strips o Silk o gowd an green: the naitional financial enterprise ad the pertection o the economy
  • Red Star: hope for the future o Zimbabwe. Conveys the revolutionary naitur o the 1980 achievement majority rule, an the struggle towards a fair, equal society.
  • Great Zimbabwe Bird: naitional identity
  • Blue an White Wavy Lines: Victoria Faws, watter which brings prosperity.

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