Coat o airms o Egyp

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The coat o airms o Egyp (Egyptian Arabic: شعار مصر‎) is a gowden eagle leukin towards the viewer's left (dexter).

Appearance[eedit | eedit soorce]

The "Eagle o Saladin" haulds a scroll on which the name o the state appears in Arabic script, Gumhūriyyat Miṣr al-ʿArabiyyah ("Arab Republic o Egyp"). The eagle cairies on its breast a shield wi the banner's colors — but wi a vertical insteid o a horizontal configuration. When appearin on the naitional banner, the eagle is rendered entirely in gowd, an white. Durin the union wi Sirie in the Unitit Arab Republic (1958-1961), an in the ten year efterwards when Egyp retained the union's offeecial name, the twa green starns o the union's banner appeared in the white baund o the eagle's shield. Atween 1972-1984 the eagle wis replaced bi the gowden hawk o Qureish, as pairt o the seembolism o the Federation o Arab Republics.

The eagle as a seembol o Saladin is disputit bi aircheologists. The seembol o an eagle wis foond on the wast waw o the citadel o Cairo (constructit bi Saladin), an sae is assumed bi mony tae be his ain seembol. Thare is, housomeivver, awee proof tae defend this. It wis subsequently adoptit as a seembol o Arab naitionalism bi Iraq, Palestine, an Yemen (an umwhile bi Libie).

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