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Emblem o Malaysie

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The Naitional Emblem an Coat o Airms o Malaysie (Jata Negara in Malay) is a coat o airms comprisin a shield or escutcheon, twa teigers for supporters, a crescent an fowerteen pynt starn for a crest an a motto). As the Malaysian emblem descendit frae the coat o airms o the Federatit Malay States unner Breetish colonial rule, the current emblem o the Malaysian state resembles European heraldic practices.

Design[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Naitional Emblem o Malaysie consists o a shield guarded bi twa supporters as rampant teegers. The shield is heidit bi a crest consistin o a yellae crescent wi a 14-pointit "federal starn", an includes a motto, depictit as a banner, at the bottom.

Crest or helm (crescent an federal starn)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The yellae colour o the crest, a crescent an a 14-pointit federal star, seembolises the kintra's monarchy. The crescent an aa represents Islam as the offeecial releegion while the federal starn represents the thirteen states an the Federal Territories o Malaysie.[1]

Oreeginally, the fowerteen-pointit starn representit the oreeginal fowerteen states o Malaysie, which includit Singapore. It wisnae chynged whan Singapore left the federation, but it haes generally been acceptit that the 14t pynt represents the Federal Territories.

Escutcheon (shield)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The escutcheon, representit bi a shield, is primarily intendit tae ser as a representation o states unified unner the Malaysian federation, an is subdivided intae ten diveesions.

The upper portion or chief o the shield contains five krises on a reid backgrund, representin the five umwhile Unfederatit Malay States, Johore, Terengganu, Kelantan, Kedah an Perlis. The remainder o the shield, that in the coat o airms o Malaya wis dividit in three per pale (longitudinally) atween the umwhile Federatit Malay States, Penang an Malacca, is nou dividit intae fower sections:

  • In the dexter (left frae the observer's pynt o view) section is the Pinang palm alang wi the Penang Bridge representin Penang
  • In the upper middle o the shield, ablo the row o krises, is the colours o the Federatit Malay States (reid, black, white an yellae) arranged frae left tae riht. The permutations o the colours reid, black, white an yellae mak up the colors o thir states' banners. Reid, black an yellae is for Negeri Sembilan; black an white for Pahang; black, white an yellae for Perak; an reid an yellae for Selangor.
  • In the lawer middle o the shield, thare are three sections umwhile representin the new (in 1963) states o Sabah, Singapore an Sarawak. Syne 1965, Singapore's section haes been replaced bi a depiction o the naitional flouer, the hibiscus.
  • In the sinister (richt frae the observer's pynt o view) section is the "Malacca" tree representin Malacca

Supporters (tigers)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The twa rampant teegers supportin the shield are traditional Malay seembols. Thay are retained frae the earlier armorial ensign o the Federation o Malaya, an prior tae that o the Federatit Malay States. Thay seembolise strenth an courage.

Motto (banner)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The motto o the airms, locatit belaw the shield, consists o a banner wi the phrase "Unity is Strenth" (Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu)[2][3] written in baith romanized Malay an Jawi. The oreeginal Inglis phrase wis replaced bi romanised Malay some time efter unthirldom.

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