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(Reguidit frae Motto)

An ensenyie is a phrase or a cutty leet o wirds that pits ower the ettle or mynt o an entity, social group, or organisation. Mony kintras, ceeties, varsities, an ither institutions hae ensenyies, as daes faimlies wi coats o airms.

An ensenyie can be in ony leid. Laitin an, tae a lesser degree, French is uised maist aften bi faur, acause ilkane wis the preencipal internaitional tongue for a richt lang time. The hamel langage is mair common in the ensenyies o govrenments. Far example Ingland haes a French ensenyie, as daes the Netherlands an, obviously, Fraunce.

Fraternities an sororities maistlins haes their (for ordinar, dern) ensenyie in the Greek leid. That o the Coonty o Somerset is in Anglo-Saxon.

A cantin ensenyie is ane that hauds wird play. For exemplar, the ensenyie o the Earl o Onslow is Festina lente, punningly interpretin on-slow (literally "make haste slowly").

In heraldry, an ensenyie is aftimes pairt o an achievement o airms, foe ordinar on a scrowe ablo the shield, or else abuin the crest as in Scots heraldry.

Ilka ship an submarine in the Ryal Navy haes a crest an motto, as daes units o the Ryal Air Force.