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(Reguidit frae The Netherlands)

Nederland  (Dutch)
Motto: "Je maintiendrai" (French)
"Ik zal handhaven" (Dutch)
"I will uphauld"[a]
Anthem"Wilhelmus" (Dutch)
Location o the  European Netherlands  (dark green) – on the European continent  (green & dark grey) – in the European Union  (green)
Location o the  European Netherlands  (dark green)

– on the European continent  (green & dark grey)
– in the European Union  (green)

Location o the  Dutch special municipalities  (green)
Location o the  Dutch special municipalities  (green)
52°22′N 4°53′E / 52.367°N 4.883°E / 52.367; 4.883
Lairgest ceetycapital
Offeecial leids
  •  • Naitional
  •  • Regional
regional leids
Limburgish, Dutch Law Saxon[c]
Ethnic groups
Sovereign state Kinrick o the Netherlands
GovrenmentUnitary pairlamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Dick Schoof
LegislaturStates General
Hoose o Representatives
Unthirldom frae Spaingie Empire
26 Julie 1581
30 Januar 1648
• Kinrick established
16 Mairch 1815
15 December 1954
• Total
41,543 km2 (16,040 sq mi) (134t)
• Water (%)
• 2016 estimate
17,000,059[2] (65th)
• Density
436.5/km2 (1,130.5/sq mi) (30t)
GDP (PPP)2016 estimate
• Total
$856.265 billion[3] (17th)
• Per capita
$50,339 (15t)
GDP (nominal)2016 estimate
• Tot
$762.521 billion[3] (17t)
• Per capita
$44,828 (15t)
Gini (2014)negative increase 26.2[4]
law · 9t
HDI (2014)Increase 0.922[5]
verra heich · 5t
Time zoneUTC-4 (CET (UTC+1)[e]
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drivin sideright
Cawin code
ISO 3166 codeNL
Internet TLD.nl, .bq[g]
  1. ^ The offeecial motto is in French. The leeteral translation intae Scots is "I will maintain"; a better translation, houever, is "I will hauld firm" or "I will uphauld" (namely, the integrity an unthirldom o the territory).[oreeginal research?]
  2. ^ While Amsterdam is the constitutional caipital, The Hague is the seat o the govrenment.
  3. ^ Wast Frisie (Friesland),[6] Papiamento (Bonaire)[7] an Inglis (Sint Eustatius an Saba)[7] hae a formal status in certain parts o the kintra. Dutch Law Saxon an Limburgish are recognised as regional leids bi the European Chairter for Regional or Minority Leids.
  4. ^ The euro is uised in the European Netherlands an replaced the Dutch guilder in 2002. The US dollar is used in the Caribbean Netherlands an replaced the Netherlands Antillean guilder in 2011.[8]
  5. ^ CET an CEST are uised in the European Netherlands, an AST is uised in the Caribbean Netherlands.
  6. ^ 599 wis the kintra code designatit for the nou dissolved Netherlands Antilles. The Caribbean Netherlands still uise 599–7 (Bonaire), 599–3 (Sint Eustatius) an 599–4 (Saba).
  7. ^ .nl is the common internet tap level domain name for the Netherlands. The .eu domain is an aa used, as it is shared wi ither European Union member states. .bq is designatit, but nae in uise, for the Caribbean Netherlands.

The Netherlands (Dutch: Nederland) is pairt o the Kinrick o the Netherlands (Dutch: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden) alang wi the Aruba, Curaçao, an Sint Martin. It is locate in North-Wastren Europe an is laund mairched wi Germany an Belgium. It haes a coast line alang the German Ocean.

It haes gien alot o important penters an airtists throu-oot history, for ensaumple:

Territorial organization

Auncient time[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Netherlands in 5500 afore Christ

The Netherlands haes been bade in sin the last glaciation; the auldest ruins date frae 100,000 year aby, whan the kintra's climate wis tundra an humid vegetation.

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