Coat o airms o the Netherlands

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The Greater Coat o Airms o the Realm, (or "Groot Rijkswapen"), is the personal coat o airms o the monarch o the Netherlands (currently King Willem-Alexander). The govrenment o the Netherlands uises a smawer version athoot the mantle (cloak) or the pavilion or whiles even anerlie uises the shield an croun. The components o the coats o airms wur regulatit bi Queen Wilhelmina in a Ryal decree o 10 Julie 1907 an wur affirmed bi Queen Juliana in a Ryal decree o 23 Aprile 1980. (For the maist uised version o the airms see the wabsteid o the Dutch Royal House Archived 2008-07-01 at the Wayback Machine)

Description[eedit | eedit soorce]

The blazon is follows:

Azure, billetty Or a lion wi a coronet Or airmed an langued Gules hauldin in his dexter paw a swuird Argent hilted Or and in the sinister paw seiven arraes Argent pointit an bund thegither Or. [The seiven arraes staund for the seiven provinces o the Union o Utrecht.] The shield is crouned wi the (Dutch) ryal croun an supportit bi twa lions Or airmed an langued gules. Thay staund on a scroll Azure wi the text (Or) "Je Maintiendrai" (medieval French for "A will maintain".)

The monarch places this coat o airms on a mantle gules lined wi Ermine. Abuin the mantle is a pavilion gules again topped wi the ryal croun.

In the Ryal decree it is statit that the male successors can replace the croun on the shield bi a helm wi the crest o Nassau.