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The banner o the Netherlands is a horizontal tricolour o red, white, an blue. Introduced in 1572, it is ane o the first tricolours an the auldest tricolour still in uise today. Syne 1937, the banner haes offeecially been the naitional banner o the Netherlands an o the Kinrick o the Netherlands.

Description[eedit | eedit soorce]

The naitional banner o the Netherlands is a tricolor banner. The horizontal fesses are baunds o equal size in the colours, frae top tae bottom, red (offeecially described as a "bricht vermilion"), white (silver), an blue ("cobalt blue"). The banner proportions (width:length) are 2:3. The first stadtholder o the Dutch Republic wis William I o Orange, who joined wi Dutch naitionalists an led the struggle for unthrildom frae Spain. Pairtly oot o respect for him, the first banner adoptit bi the Dutch wis a horizontal tricolour o orange, white, an blue. It became kent as the Prinsenvlag ("Prince's banner") an wis based on the livery o William o Orange.[1] The orange dye wis particularly unstable an tendit tae turn red efter a while, so in the mid-17t century, red wis made the offeecial color. The banner haes flown syne then, but wis confirmed bi Ryal Decree anerlie in 1937, at the same time the colour parameters wur exactly defined. As the first revolutionary banner, it haes haed a seminal influence throughoot the warld, particularly on the Pan-Slavic colors o Roushie. Till aboot 1800, in the case o baith the orange- an the red-striped versions, the number o stripes an their order frequently varied.

Scheme Bright Vermilion White Cobalt Blue
Chromatic X=17.2 Y=9.0 Z=2.6 N/A X=7.8 Y=6.8 Z=26.7
RGB (174,28,40) (255,255,255) (33,70,139)
HTML #AE1C28 #FFFFFF #21468B

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The current Banner o New York Ceety an the Banner o Albany, New York an aa each hae an orange stripe tae reflect the Dutch contribution tae the history o those ceeties.