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This box shaws the colour blue.

Blue is ane o the colours o the rainbow that fowk can see. It is ane o the three tradeetional primary colours, alang wi reid an yellae. It haes the shortest wavelenth o thae colours (aboot 470 nanometres).

Blue is the colour o the yird's lift an sea.

Meanin o Blue[eedit | eedit soorce]

It is aften associate wi deepth an stability. It seembolises trust, lealtie, wiceheid, confidence, intelligence, faith, trowth, an heiven.

Blue is considered beneficial tae the mynd an bouk. It slaws a body's metabolism an produces a caumin effect. Blue is strangly associate wi tranquility an caumness. In heraldry, blue is uised tae seembolize piety an sincerity.

Blue is a masculine colour; accordin tae studies, it is heichly accepted amang males. Daurk blue is associate wi deepth, expertise, an stability; it is a preferred colour for corporate Americae.

Licht blue is associate wi halth, healin, tranquility, unnerstaundin, an lown.

Daurk blue represents kennin, pouer, integrity, an seriousness.

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