Violet (colour)

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Spectral coordinates
Wavelenth380–450 nm
Frequency800–715 THz
    Colour coordinates
Hex triplet#8000FF
sRGBB  (rgb)(128, 0, 255)
CMYKH   (c, m, y, k)(50, 100, 0, 0)
HSV       (h, s, v)(270°, 100%, 100%)
SoirceHTML Color Chart @274
B: Normalised tae [0–255] (byte)
H: Normalised tae [0–100] (hunder)
Violet as a tertiary colour

Violet is a skyre bluochie purpie colour that taks its name frae the violet flouer.[2] On the tradeetional colour wheel uised bi painters, it is locatit atween blue an purpie. Violet is at the heicher end o the veesible spectrum, wi a wavelenth atween thareby 380-450 nanometer.[3] Licht wi a shorter wavelength than violet but langer than X-rays an gamma rays is cried ultraviolet, an isna veesible tae the human ee.

Accordin tae surveys in Europe an the Unitit States, violet is the colour maist commonly associated wi the lovitch, the individualist, swither, the heronious, an the airtificial.[4]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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