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For ither uises, see Magenta (disambiguation).
Magenta is a purplish-red, Mauvish Crimson , or purplish-pink. It is a primary colour in colour prentin, an the complementary colour o green.

Magenta (ma‧gen‧ta, /məˈdʒɛntə/) is a purplish-red,[1] purplish-crimson,[2] purplish-pink colour, or Mauvish Crimson .[3] It is a primar colour in colour printin which, combined wi cyan, yellae an black in various combinations, can be uised tae creaut aw ither colours. The name comes frae the dye magenta, oreeginally cried fuchsine, discovered in 1859, an renamit efter the 1859 Battle o Magenta near Magenta, Italy whaur the French airmy defeatit the Austrians an helpit secure the unification o Italy.[4]

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