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Reid is the colour that is on the ootside edge o the rainbowe. It is ane o the three primary colours, alang wi blue an yellae. Reid licht haes a wafflenth atween 630-760 nm.

Reid is the colour o bluid an tomataes. It is whiles uised for tae merk things that's wrang, important, or nae mowes.

This box shaws the colour reid.

Meanin o Reid[eedit | eedit soorce]

Reid micht can represent passion, anger, or luve. In mony kintras, a reid licht shaws caurs whan thay shoud stap.

In politics, "reid" is sib tae Communism. The "Reid Airmy" can refer tae the airmy o the auld Soviet Union, or the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae. It is sib tae the Reid Brigade an aw.

Reid is the colour o fire an bluid, sae it is associate wi energy, weir, danger, docht, determination, as weel as passion, desire, an luve.

Reid is an emotionally intense colour. It is thocht that it tends tae raise bluid pressur an mak fowk braithe fester. It is gey eith tae tak tent o, whit is why stap signs, staplichts, an fire graith is for ordinar pentit reid. In heraldry, reid is aften uised for tae indicate gurr. It is a colour foond in mony naitional banners.

Reid brings tent tae text an eemages. It is a perfit colour for 'Buy Nou' or 'Sneck Here' buttons on Internet banners an wabsteids, acause it can mak some fowk want tae act swith. In adverteesin, reid is aften uised for tae cause erotic feelins (reid lips, reid nails, reid-licht destricts, 'Leddy in Reid', etc). Reid is widely uised for tae indicate danger (heich voltage signs, traffec lichts). This colour is associate wi energy an aw, sae it can be uised for tae promote energy drinks, gemmes, cars, or eetems tae dae wi sports an heich pheesical acteevity.

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