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Color icon green.svg
Spectral coordinates
Wavelength 520–570 nm
Frequency ~575–525 THz
Common connotations
naitur, growth, grass, howp,
youth, inexperience, halth,
sickness, Erse naitionalism, Islam,
ware, Saunt Patrick's Day, money
(US), greed, an envy[1][2][3]
About these coordinates     Color coordinates
Hex triplet #00FF00
sRGBB    (r, g, b) (0, 255, 0)
Soorce sRGB approximation
tae NCS S 2060-G[4]
B: Normalised tae [0–255] (byte)

Green is the colour o emeralds, jade, an growin gress.[5] In the continuum o colours o visible licht, it is locate atween yellae an blue. Green is the color maist commonly associatit wi naitur an the environmental movement, Ireland, Islam, ware, howp an envy.[6]

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