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A wave dashing on the shore
A wave dashin on the shore in the Gulf o Santa Catalina

The sea, the warld ocean, or simply the ocean, is the connectit bouk o sauty watter that kivers ower 70 percent o the Yird's surface. It moderates the Yird's climate and is an important pairt o the watter cycle, carbon cycle, an nitrogen cycle. Awtho the sea haes been traivelt and explored sin auncient times, the scienteefic study o the sea—oceanografie—dates broadly frae the voyages o Captain James Cook who explored the Pacific Ocean atween 1768 an 1779. In geography, "sea" is uised in the names o smawer, pairtly laundlocked sections o the ocean, for ensaumple the Erse Sea, while "ocean" is uised in the names o the five lairgest sections, sic as the Pacific Ocean.