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An ocean (frae Ωκεανός, Okeanos (Oceanus) in Greek) is a muckle body o saut watter, an a preencipal pairt o the hydrosphere. Aroon 71% o the Yird's surface (an area o some 361 million square kilometer) is covert bi ocean, the ae body o watter that is maistlins split intil twa-three muckle oceans an a puckle smawer seas. Mair nor hauf o this area is ower 3,000 meter (9,800 ft) deep. Average oceanic salinity is aroon 35 pairts per thoosand (ppt) (3.5%), an juist aboot aw seawatter haes a salinity in the range o 31 tae 38 ppt.

Surface o the Atlantic Ocean meetin the Yird's planetar boundary layer an troposphere.