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Whan seen frae altitude, as here frae an aeroplane, the lift's colour varies frae fauch tae daurk at elevations naur the zenith
Cloods makkit orange by the sundoun

The lift is the pairt o the atmosphere or o ooter space veesible frae the surface o ony astronomical object. It is haurd tae define preceese for mony a raison. In daylicht, the lift o the Yird haes the cast o a deep blue surface acause o the air's spairgin o sunlicht.[1][2][3][4] The lift is whiles defined as the denser gaseous pairts o a planet's atmosphere. At nicht, the lift haes the cast o a black surface or region spelfert wi starns.

Throu the day, the Sun micht can be seen in the lift, binna it's kivert by cloods. In the nicht lift (an tae some extent in the day) the muin, planets an starns are veesible in the lift. Some o the natural phenomena seen in the lift is cloods, rainbows, an aurorae. Lichtnin an rain micht can be seen in the lift throu storms an aw. On the Yird, birds, insects, aircraft, an kites is aften conseedert tae flee in the lift. As a result o bodies' activities, smog throu the day an the licht radiance in the nicht is aften seen abuin lairge ceeties (see licht pollution forby).

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