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The Muin

The Muin is the Yird's ae naitural satilyt (or muin), an the fift mukkilest muin in the Solar seestem. The average centur-ti-center faurness frae the Yird til the Muin is 384,403 km (238,863 mile), aboot thrittie tyms the girst o the Yird. The Muin haes a girst o 3,474 km (2159 mi)[1]—a wee bit mair nor a fowert that o the Yird an a bittie smawer nor the lenth athort the Unitit States. Frae that the vollum o the Muin is naur 1/50t thon o the Yird. The gravitational pull at its surfass is aboot 1/6t o the Yird's. The Muin maks a fou orbit aboot the Yird in 27.3 day, an the periodic variations in the geometrie o the Yird–Muin–Sun seestem causes the lunar phases that repeats ilka 29.5 day.

The Muin is the ae heivinlie bodie that fowk haes veisitit. The first airtifeecial objek ti lea the Yird's gravitie an ti gang bi the Muin wis the Soviet Union's Luna 1, the first airtifeecial objek ti dunt the lunar grund wis Luna 2, an the first fotaes o the hintsyd o the Muin wis duin bi Luna 3, aw in 1959. The first spaceship ti mak a successfu lunar saft laundin wis Luna 9, an the first unmand vehikil til orbit the Muin wis Luna 10, baith in 1966.[1] The Unitit States Apollo program cairriet oot juist the ae series o man'd meisions ti date, resultin in sax laundins atwein 1969 an 1972. Human exploration o the Muin stappit wi the end o the Apollo program, tho, as o 2007, a pukil kintras haes anunced plans ti send ither fowk or robotic spaceships til the Muin.

The amoont o time taen fur the muin tae orbit the Yird is aboot a month. An aw, the unit o time fur the month wis oreeginally foondit oan thes orbital period o the muin.[citation needit]

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