Solar Seestem

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The solar seestem inhauds the Sun an aw the objeks that burls roond aboot it, includin starnglints, planetoids, comets, muins, planets, an droich-planets (Mercur, Venus, Yird, Maurs, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, an Neptune). Pluto isna clesst as a planet oniemair.

Ither starns an the objeks that burls roond aboot thaim is aft refer'd til as planetarie seestems. Whan talkin aboot a speceific starn's planetarie seestem, it is uisual ti shorten it til "the <name> seestem" (e.g. "the Alpha Centauri seestem", "the Barnard seestem", or "the Sol seestem").

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