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Limburgish leid

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Limburgish, whiles cawed Limburgian or Limburgic (Dutch: Limburgs, German: Limburgisch, French: Limbourgeois) is a group o East Law Franconian leid varieties spoken in the Limburg an Rhineland regions, near the common Dutch / Belgian / German border. The aurie in which it is spoken roughly fits athin a wide circle frae Venlo tae Düsseldorf tae Aachen tae Maastricht tae Hasselt an back tae Tienen. In some pairts of this aurie it is generally uised as the colloquial leid in daily speech.

In general speech the Limburgish leid is aften described as a dialect o either German or Dutch, baith o which share mony characteristics wi it. Athin the modren communities o the Belgian an Dutch provinces o Limburg intermediate idiolects are an aa vera common, which combine staundart Dutch wi the accent an some grammatical an pronunciation tendencies derived frae Limburgish. This 'Limburgish Dutch' is confusingly an aa aften referred tae simply as "Limburgish" (Limburgs in Dutch).