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Special municipality o the Netherlands
Banner o Saba
Coat o airms o Saba
Coat o airms
Motto(s): "Remis Velisque" (Laitin)
"Wi oars an sails" (Inglis)
Anthem: "Saba you rise frae the ocean"
Location o  Saba  (circled in rei)in the Caribbean  (licht yellae)
Location o  Saba  (circled in rei)

in the Caribbean  (licht yellae)

Cairt shawin location o Saba relative tae Sint Eustatius an Saunt Martin.
Cairt shawin location o Saba relative tae Sint Eustatius an Saunt Martin.
Coordinates: 17°38′N 63°15′W / 17.633°N 63.250°W / 17.633; -63.250
Kintra Netherlands
Incorporatit intae the Netherlands 10 October 2010 (dissolution o the Netherlands Antilles)
(and largest city)
The Bottom
Govrenment (see Politics o the Netherlands)
 • Lt. Govrenor Jonathan Johnson
 • Total 13 km2 (5 sq mi)
Population (2013[1])
 • Tot 1,991
 • Density 150/km2 (400/sq mi)
 • Offeecial Dutch
 • Recognised regional Inglis[2]
Time zone AST (UTC−4)
Calling code +599-4
ISO 3166 code BQ-SA, NL-BQ2
Siller U.S. dollar (USD)
Internet TLD .an,[3] .nl

Saba is a Caribbean isle an the smawest municipality o the Netherlands.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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  2. English can be used in relations with the government
    "Invoeringswet openbare lichamen Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba" (in Dutch). Retrieved 2012-10-14. 
  3. The domain for the Netherlands Antilles haes remained active efter its dissolution. The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code BQ wis established for the entity "Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba". ("ISO 3166-1 decoding table". International Organization for Standardization. Retrieved 2010-12-17. ) An Internet ccTLD haes houever nae been established bi the IANA, an it is unkent if it will be opened for registration.

Coordinates: 17°38′N 63°14′W / 17.633°N 63.233°W / 17.633; -63.233