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Ailsa Craig, an auncient volcanic plug aff the sooth-wast coast o Scotland
A smaw Fijian island

An island (spelt iland or eiland anaw) (pronounced: [/ˈaɪlənd/]) or isle (pronounced: [/ˈaɪl/]) is onie bit o laund that is hailie surroondit by wattir in twa dimensions, abuin heich tyd, an isolate frae ither signeeficant laundmasses. Gey smaw islands sic as emergent laund featurs on atolls is cried inches. A quay or cay is anither name for a smaw island or islet. An island in a river or loch micht can be cried an eyot, (pronounced:[/ˈaɪət/]). Thar's twa main kynds o islands: continental islands an oceanic islands. Thar's artifeecial islands anaw. A groupin o geograficalie an/or geologicalie sib islands is cried an archipelago.

The wird island cums frae Auld Inglis ī(e)gland (leeteral, "wattirie laund"). Houaniver, the spellin o the wird wis modifee'd in the 15t centurie bi associe wi the etymologicalie fremmit Auld French lendwird isle.[1]

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