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Kintra o Curaçao

Land Curaçao  (Dutch)
Pais Kòrsou  (Papiamento)
Banner o Curaçao
Coat o airms o Curaçao
Coat o airms
AnthemHimno di Kòrsou
Anthem of Curaçao
Location o  Curaçao  (circled in reid) in the Caribbean  (licht yellae)
Location o  Curaçao  (circled in reid)

in the Caribbean  (licht yellae)

and largest city
12°7′N 68°56′W / 12.117°N 68.933°W / 12.117; -68.933
Offeecial leids
GovrenmentUnitary pairlamentary representative democracy unner constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
• Govrenor
Lucille George-Wout
Eugene Rhuggenaath
LegislaturEstates o Curaçao
Autonomy within the Kinrick o the Netherlands
• Established
10 October 2010 (dissolution o the Netherlands Antilles)
• Total
444 km2 (171 sq mi)
• 2010 census
• Density
319/km2 (826.2/sq mi) (39t)
GDP (PPP)2008[2] estimate
• Total
US$2.838 billion (177t)
• Per capita
US$20,567 (46t)
GDP (nominal)2008[2] estimate
• Tot
US$5.08 billion (149th)
• Per capita
US$36,200 (28t)
CurrencyNetherlands Antillean guilder (ANG)
Time zoneUTC−4 (AST)
Drivin sideright
Cawin code+599 9
ISO 3166 codeCW
Internet TLD.cw, .an a
  1. ^ Tae be discontinued.
Handelskade in Willemstad, Curaçao

Curaçao (Dutch: Curaçao, [kyraˈsʌu̯]; Papiamento: Kòrsou) is an island in the soothren Caribbean Sea, aff the Venezuelan coast. The Kintra o Curaçao (Dutch: Land Curaçao;[3] Papiamento: Pais Kòrsou),[4] which includes the main island plus the smaa, uninhabitit island o Klein Curaçao ("Little Curaçao"), is a constituent kintra o the Kinrick o the Netherlands. It haes a population o ower 140,000 on an aurie o 444 km2 (171 sq mi) an its caipital is Willemstad.

Prior tae 10 October 2010, when the Netherlands Antilles wis dissolved, Curaçao wis admeenistered as the Island Territory o Curaçao[5] (Dutch: Eilandgebied Curaçao, Papiamentu: Teritorio Insular di Kòrsou), ane o five island territories o the umwhile Netherlands Antilles.

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