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Rzeczpospolita Polska

Republic o Poland
Banner Polish Coat o airms
(Banner) (Coat o airms)
Poland's airt in the warld
Offeecial leid Pols
Caipital Warszawa
Lairgest ceety Warszawa
Preses Andrzej Duda
Government Prime Meenister Beata Szydło
 - Tot
 - % watter

312,679 km²
 - 2014 Estimate Density
123 /km²;
 - Declarit
 - Finalisit

Mieszko I 966
November 11, 1918
Siller Złoty (PLN)
Time zone UTC +1, Summer: UTC +2
Naitional anthem Mazurek Dąbrowskiego
Internet TLD .pl
Cawin code +48

The Republic o Poland (Pols: Rzeczpospolita Polska), for ordinar kent juist as Poland (Polska), is a kintra in central/aestren Europe. It mairches ontae the Baltic Sea tae the north, alang wi the Kaliningrad Oblast o Roushie. Lithuanie mairches tae the nor-aest, Beloroushae tae the aest, Ukraine tae the sooth-aest, Slovakie an Czechie tae the sooth, an Germany tae the wast.

The haill area o Poland is 312,679 km², makkin it the 69t lairgest kintra i the warld and 7t in Europe. Poland's population is mair nor 38.5 million, concentratit mainly around the ceities.

The first Pols state wis stertit i 966, in a territory similar tae the present area o Poland. Poland becam a kinrick i 1025, an i 1569 it cementit a lang associe wi the Grand Duchy o Lithuania by unitin ti form the Polish-Lithuanian Commonweal. The Commonweal collapsed i 1795. Poland regained its independence i 1918 eftir the Furst Warld War bit tint it aince mair i the Saicont Warld War, bein occupied bi Nazi Germany an the Soviet Union, an emergin eftir as a communist kintra in the Eastern Block under the control o the Soviet Union. I 1989, communist rule wis owerthrawn an Poland becam whit is informally kent as the "Third Polish Republic". Poland is the 33rd maist populous kintra in the warld. Poland is a unitary state made up o saxteen voivodeships (Polish: województwo). Poland is a memmer o the European Union, NATO, and OECD anaw.

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