Belaroushie leid

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The Belaroushie leid (беларуская мова, BGN/PCGN: byelaruskaya mova, Scientific: belaruskaja mova, łac.: biełaruskaja mova) is the leid o the Belaroushie fowk. It is the offeecial leid o Belarus, alang wi Roushie, an is spoken abroad, chiefly in Roushie, Ukraine, and Poland.[1] Prior tae Belaroushie gainin its unthirldom frae the Soviet Union in 1992, the leid wis kent in Scots as Byeloroushie or Beloroushie, transliteratin the Roushie name, Белорусский язык, or alternatively as White Roushie or White Ruthenian. Follaein unthirldom, it wis an aa cawed Belarusan.[2][3]

Belarusian is ane o the East Slavic leids, an shares mony grammatical an lexical features wi ither members o the group. Its predecessor stage is kent as Auld Belaroushie (14t tae 17t centuries), in turn descendit frae Auld East Slavic (10t tae 13t centuries).

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