Emblem o Bangladesh

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The Naitional Emblem o Bangladesh wis adoptit shortly efter unthirldom in 1971.

On the emblem, thare a watter lily, that is bund on twa sides bi rice sheafs. Abuin the watter lilly is fower starns an a three connectit jute leafs. The watter lily is the kintra's naitional flouer, an is representative o the mony rivers that rin throu Bangladesh. Rice represents its presence as the staple fuid o Bangladesh, an for the agricultur o that naition. The fower starns represent the fower foondin principles that wis oreeginally enshrined in the first constitution o Bangladesh in 1972: naitionalism, secularism, socialism, an democracy.

The details o the emblem is laid oot in Airticle 4(3) o the Constitution o Bangladesh.