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Emblem o Uzbekistan

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Emblem o Uzbekistan
Emblem o Uzbek SSR till 1991

The current state emblem o Uzbekistan wis adoptit on Julie 2, 1992. It is seemilar tae the emblem o the previous Uzbek SSR. Lik ither post-Soviet republics whose seembols dae no predate the October Revolution, the current emblem retains some components o the Soviet ane.

The emblem is in the form o a circle an mainly bears the naitional colors blue, white, an green. On the left thare is a cotton plant an tae the richt wheat borders the coat o airms, cotton an wheat are the twa major agricultural products o the kintra.

It is surmountit bi the star o Rub El Hizb (۞), a seembol o Islam, which a majority o Uzbeks profess.

In the middle, a khumo, seembol o happiness an love o freedom, beats its wings. In the backgrund a birdseye view o Uzbekistan is paintit. The risin sun ower the mountains wi its sun rays roonds aff the image.

The twa rivers ahint the bird, leadin tae the mountains, seembolise the Amu Darya an Syr Darya.

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