Emblem o Turkmenistan

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Current emblem, in uise syne 2003.
Roond variant o the emblem, uised frae 1992 till 2003.

The state emblem o Turkmenistan wis creatit efter Turkmenistan gained unthirldom frae the Soviet Union in 1991. The aicht-pynt green starburst (kent as the Rub El Hizb (۞), a seembol o Islam, tae which a majority o Turkmen profess) wi golden edges features in its centre a reid circular disc which cairies sheaves o wheat, five cairpet guls, an centred upon that a smawer blue circle wi a lifelike (rather than heraldized) depiction o an Akhal-Teke horse, a soorce o pride for the Turkmen fowk. A roond variant o the emblem wis uised frae 1992 till 2003. [1][2]

The five traditional cairpet motifs on the reid disc represent the five major tribes or hooses, an staund for the traditional an religious values o the kintra. Thir Turkmen tribes in traditional order are Teke (Tekke), Yomut (Yomud), Arsary (Ersary), Chowdur (Choudur), an Saryk (Saryq). The Salyr (Salor), a tribe that declined as a result o military defeat afore the modren period, are no representit, nor are several smawer tribes or subtribes.

The green an reid colors appear in this shield acause thay hae been veneratit historically bi the Turkmen. The central elements are surroondit bi sheaves o wheat that allude tae the custom tae walcome tae guests wi salt an breid. Atop the wheat an the reid circle appear a waxin crescent muin o white, teepical o Turkic seembology, an five five-pointit stars awso o white. The waxin crescent muin seembolizes the hope o the kintra for a shinin future an the stars represent the five provinces (Welayatlar) o Turkmenistan-Ahal, Balkan, Dashhowuz, Lebap, an Mary. Maist o the elements o the coat o airms are present in the naitional banner.

Afore unthirldom frae the USSR, Turkmenistan haed an emblem seemilar tae aw ither Soviet Republics. A single cairpet gul, no matchin ony o the tribal patterns, wis representit on the Coat o airms o the Turkmen SSR.

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