Lebap Province

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Map showin destrict
Map showin destrict

Lebap Province (Turkmen: Lebap welaýaty frae the Persian لباب Lobāb) is ane o the provinces (welayat) o Turkmenistan. It is in the northeast o the kintra, borderin Uzbekistan alang the Amu Darya. Its caipital is Türkmenabat (umwhile named Çärjew). It haes an aurie o 93,730 square kilometers, an a population o 1,334,500 fowk (2005 est.).[1]

It contains the Repetek Nature Reserve an the Köýtendag Nature Reserve, which haes Turkmenistan's heichest muntain, Aýrybaba (3137 meters).

Baith Turkmen citizens an foreigners require special permission tae visit pairts o the province borderin Uzbekistan, as the govrenment regards the border destrict as a "closed" border zone.

Destricts[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lebap Province is dividit intae 16 destricts (etraplar; singular etrap) an 3 ceeties (il).[2][3] Name chynges syne 1995 are shown in parentheses:

  • Destricts
    • Atamyrat Destrict (umwhile Kerki Destrict)
    • Beýik Türkmenbaşy Destrict (umwhile Saparmyrat Nyýazow Destrict)
    • Birata Destrict (umwhile Darganata Destrict)
    • Dovletli Destrict (creatit in August 2007)[4][5]
    • Farap Destrict
    • Galkynyş Destrict (umwhile Dänew Destrict)
    • Garabekewül Destrict
    • Garaşsyzlyk Destrict (formerly Boýnyuzyn Destrict)
    • Halaç Destrict
    • Hojambaz Destrict
    • Köýtendag Destrict (formerly Çarşaňňy Destrict)
    • Magdanly Destrict
    • Sakar Destrict
    • Saýat Destrict
    • Serdarabat Destrict (umwhile Türkmenabat/Çärjew Destrict)
    • Seýdi Destrict
  • Ceeties

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