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Daşoguz is located in Turkmenistan
Location in Turkmenistan
Coordinates: 41°50′N 59°58′E / 41.833°N 59.967°E / 41.833; 59.967
Leet Turkmenistan
ProvinceDaşoguz Province
 • MayorMammetnyyaz Owezovic Nurmammedov[1]
88 m (289 ft)
 • Total210,000
Time zoneUTC+5

Daşoguz (Roushie: Дашогу́з, an aw Dashoguz, Dasoguz; roughly "stane spring" in Turkmen), umwhile kent as Tashauz (till 1992; Roushie: Ташау́з) an Dashkhovuz (1992-1999; Roushie: Дашхову́з), is a ceety in northren Turkmenistan an the caipital o Daşoguz Province.


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It is locatit at latitude 41.833° North, langitude 59.9667° East, at an average o 88 meters abuin sea level. It is aboot 76.7 km (47.7 mi) frae Nukus, Uzbekistan, an 460 km (290 mi) frae Ashgabat. In nearbi Lake Sarykamysh, you can fynd 65 different varieties o fish.


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Daşoguz's population o 166,500 (1999 census estimate) is predominately Turkmen an Uzbek, wi smawer numbers o Roushies, Koreans, Karakalpaks, an Tatars present. A lairge number o those forcefully displacit bi ex-President for Life Saparmurat Niyazov hae been resettled in lands adjoinin the toun.[2]


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Early in its history, it wis a popular stop on the Silk Road acause it haed a spring, hence its name.[3] Foondit as a fort cried Tashauz in the early 19t century bi the Roushies, the name wis chyngit tae the Turkmen form Dashkhovuz in 1992 efter unthirldom, an tae Daşoguz bi order o Preses Niyazov in 1999; the modren ceety is a Soviet-designed ceety wi mony monuments an museums actin as a local admeenistrative an cultural center an rail junction.


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Daşoguz Airport provides a connection wi Ashgabat, Mary, Türkmenabat, Balkanabat, Turkmenbaşy wi Turkmenistan Airlines.


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Daşoguz is the main portal o tourists visitin the UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid o Konya-Urgench. Some o the main agricultural products o the aurie are cotton an jute, which can be cultivatit due tae the ceety's proximity tae the Amu Darya river. It is the location o the fitbaa club Turan Dasoguz an aw.

On 5 September 1998, an H5 meteorite wichin approximately 7 kilograms fell in Daşoguz.[4]

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