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Daşoguz Province

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Map showin destrict
Map showin destrict

Daşoguz Province (Turkmen: Daşoguz welaýaty) (umwhile Daşhowuz / Дашховуз) is ane o the welayat (provinces) o Turkmenistan. It is in the north o the kintra, borderin Uzbekistan. The aurie o the province is 73,430 square kilometers, an the total population is 1,370,400 (2005 est.).[1] The caipital is Daşoguz (Дашогуз).

The province is maistly desert, an is experiencin severe environmental degradation as a result o the Aral Sea ecological catastrophe. Increased soil salinity haes ruined thoosans o square kilometers o fermland.

The province contains the UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid o Köneürgenç.

Baith Turkmen citizens an foreigners require special permission tae visit the province, as the govrenment regards it as a "closed" border zone.

Destricts[eedit | eedit soorce]

Daşoguz Province is admeenistratively dividit intae 8 destricts (etraplar; singular etrap) an 2 ceeties (il).[2][3] Name changes since 1995 are shown in parentheses:

  • Daşoguz Ceety (umwhile Daşhowuz)
  • Köneürgenç Ceety (umwhile Kunya Urgench) – grantit etrap status on 3 Februar 2008[4]
  • Akdepe Destrict
  • Boldumsaz Destrict
  • Görogly Destrict (umwhile Tagta)
  • Gubadag Destrict
  • Gurbansoltan Eje Destrict (umwhile Ýylanly)
  • Köneürgenç Destrict
  • Saparmyrat Nyýazow Destrict (umwhile Daşoguz/Daşhowuz etrap)
  • Saparmyrat Türkmenbaşy Destrict

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