Warld Heritage Steid

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A UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid is a place (like a wid, muntain, loch, island, desert, monument, biggin, complex, or ceety) that is leetit bi the UNESCO as o special cultural or pheesical signeeficance.[1] The leet is maintained bi the internaitional Warld Heritage Programme admeenistered bi the UNESCO Warld Heritage Committee, componed o 21 states' pairties[2] that is elect bi thair General Assembly.[3]

List ae Warld Heritage Steids in Scotland[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. St. Kilda
  2. Edinburgh Old Town and New Town
  3. The Heart of Neolithic Orkney
  4. New Lanark
  5. The Antonine Wall
  6. The Forth Bridge

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