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The Colosseum in Roum is ane o the maist famous landmarks in the warld an the lairgest auncient amphitheatre in the warld.

A monument is a type o structur either explicitly creatit tae commemorate a person or important event or which haes acome important tae a social group as a pairt o thair remembrance o historic times or cultural heritage, or simply as an example o historic airchitectur. In Inglis the wird "monumental" is eften uised in reference tae something o extraordinary size an pouer, as in monumental sculptur, but an aa tae mean simply onything made tae commemorate the deid, as a funerary monument or ither example o funerary airt. The wird comes frae the Laitin "monere," which means 'tae remind' or 'tae wairn.'

The term is eften uised tae describe ony structur that is a significant an legally pertectit historic wirk, an mony kintras hae equivalents o whit is cried in Unitit Kinrick legislation a Scheduled Monument, which eften include relatively recent biggins constructit for residential or industrial purposes, wi na thoucht at the time that thay would come tae be regardit as "monuments".