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Saparmyrat Ataýewiç Nyýazow
Сапармурат Атаевич Ниязов
Saparmurat Niyazov.jpg
1st Preses o Turkmenistan
In office
2 November 1990 – 21 December 2006
Succeedit bi Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
First Secretary o the Central Committee o the Communist Pairty o the Turkmen SSR
In office
Precedit bi Muhammetnazar Gapurow
Succeedit bi Post abolished
Personal details
Born 19 Februar 1940(1940-02-19)
Gypjak, Turkmen SSR, Soviet Union
Dee'd 21 December 2006(2006-12-21) (aged 66)
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Poleetical pairty Communist Pairty o Turkmenistan (1962–1991)
Democratic Pairty o Turkmenistan (1991–2006)
Spoose(s) Muza Sokolova
Roushie: Муза Соколова[1]
Bairns Murat, Irina
Profession Electrical Ingineer
Religion Sunni Islam

Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov (19 Februar 1940 − 21 December 2006), (Roushie: Сапармурат Атаевич Ниязов) (Turkmen: Saparmyrat Ataýewiç Nyýazow) wis a Turkmen politeecian who served as Preses (later Preses for Life) o Turkmenistan frae 2 November 1990 till his daith in 2006. He wis First Secretary o the Turkmen Communist Party frae 1985 till 1991 an continued tae lead Turkmenistan for 15 years efter unthirldom frae the Soviet Union in 1991. His name in Inglis is a romanization o the Roushie spellin Сапармурат Атаевич Ниязов o his Turkmen name.

Turkmen media referred tae him uisin the title "His Excellency Saparmurat Niyazov Türkmenbaşy, Preses o Turkmenistan an Chairman o the Cabinet o Meenisters". His sel-gien title Türkmenbaşy, or Turkmenbashi (pronoonced [tyrkmɛnbaʃɯ]), meanin Leader o Turkmens, referred tae his poseetion as the foonder an preses o the Association o Turkmens o the Warld.[2]

Foreign media criticized him as ane o the warld's maist totalitarian an repressive dictators, hielichtin his reputation o imposin his personal eccentricities upon the kintra, which extendit tae renamin months efter members o his faimily, an recoining the Turkmen wird for breid bi the name o his mither.[3]

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