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Provinces o Turkmenistan

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Administrative diveesions o Turkmenistan.

Template:Politics o Turkmenistan Turkmenistan is dividit intae five provinces or welayatlar (singular welayat) an ane caipital ceety destrict (şäher).

Diveesion ISO 3166-2 Caipital ceety Aurie[1] Pop. (2001)[2] Key
Ashgabat Ceety Ashgabat 260 km2 (100 sq mi) 730,000
Ahal Province TM-A Anau 97,260 km2 (37,550 sq mi) 785,800 1
Balkan Province TM-B Balkanabat  139,300 km2 (53,800 sq mi) 479,500 2
Daşoguz Province TM-D Daşoguz 73,400 km2 (28,300 sq mi) 1,196,700 3
Lebap Province TM-L Türkmenabat 93,700 km2 (36,200 sq mi) 1,160,300 4
Mary Province TM-M Mary 87,200 km2 (33,700 sq mi) 1,287,700 5

The heids o the provinces (Turkmen: hyakim, "the leader") are appointit bi the Preses o Turkmenistan (Constitution o Turkmenistan, Airticles 80-81).

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