Provinces o Tajikistan

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Tajikistan is dividit intae ane autonomous province (Tajik: Вилояти мухтор, viloyati mukhtor), 2 provinces (Tajik: вилоятҳо, viloyatho, sing. Tajik: вилоят, viloyat) an the Destricts o Republican Subordination. Additionally, Dushanbe, the caipital ceety, is independent o viloyat-level admeenistrative diveesions.

Diveesion ISO 3166-2 Caipital Aurie (km2) Pop (2006)[1] Pop (2008)[2] Key
Sughd Province TJ-SU Khujand 25,400 2,060,900 2,132,100 1
Destricts o Republican Subordination TJ-RR Dushanbe 28,600 1,531,300 1,606,900 2
Khatlon Province TJ-KT Qurghonteppa  24,800 2,463,300 2,579,300 3
Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province TJ-BG Khorugh 64,200 218,400 218,000 4

Each region is dividit intae destricts (raion or nohiya), which are faur subdividit intae jamoats, an then veelages (deha's). Tajikistan haes a tot o 58 destricts.

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