Govrenorates o Bahrain

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Template:Politics o Bahrain Bahrain is split intae five govrenorates. These govrenorates are:

Map Govrenorate
Governorates of Bahrain.svg
1. Caipital Govrenorate
2. Central Govrenorate
3. Muharraq Govrenorate
4. Northren Govrenorate
5. Soothren Govrenorate

Umwhile municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bahrain wis umwhile split intae twal municipalities that wur aw administered frae the caipital ceety o Manama. On Julie 3, 2002, these wur supersedit bi the five govrenorates o Bahrain. The follaein map does no show Hamad Toun, which wis split aff frae Rifa an Soothren Region in 1991.

Map Umwhile Municipality
Bahrain municipalities numbered.png
1. Al Hidd
2. Manama
3. Wastren Region
4. Central Region
5. Northren Region
6. Muharraq
7. Rifa an Soothren Region
8. Jidd Haffs
9. Hamad Toun
10. Isa Toun
11. Hawar Islands
12. Sitra

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