Al Hadd

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(Reguidit frae Al Hidd)
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Location o Hadd destrict
Location o Hadd destrict
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Coordinates: 26°15′N 50°39′E / 26.250°N 50.650°E / 26.250; 50.650
GovrenorateNorthren Govrenorate

Al Hadd (Arabic: الحد‎, al-Hd) is a toun in Bahrain, locatit on a saund spit on the sootheastren extremity o Muharraq Island. The toun is o Sunni population, o Bedouin tribal oreegin, huwala, or Afro-Arabs. Aboot a third o the indwallers o Hadd are o Omani strynd.[1]

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