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Bapco Bahrain ile reservoirs in Sitra

Sitra (Arabic: سترة‎ or Arabic: سِتْرَة[1], an aa: As Sitra[2], Jazīrat Sitrah[3] an Jazīrat as Sitra[4]) is an island in the Central Govrenorate o Bahrain, juist east o Bahrain Island. It lies sooth o Manama an Nabih Saleh. The island's wastren coast forms the bundary o Tubli Bay.

Maist o the indwallers o the island live in seiven historic veelages: Wadyan, Kharijiya, Marguban, Qurayya, Mahazza, Sufala, an Abul Aish. The population is amaist entirely Shia Baharna - (Shitte) in ethnicity.

The island uised tae be covered in date paum, groves an farms, watered bi several freshwater springs, an the island's economy uised tae be based on agricultur an fishin. Mangroves uised tae line the wastren coast, housomeivver thay hae amaist disappeared due tae development. The day the island suffers frae mass deforestation an environmental pollution.

The northren section o the island haes been turned intae an industrial aurie. Bapco ile storage reservoirs are locatit in the sooth. Sitra is an aa the terminus o the 42-km Dhahran-Sitra natural gas pipeline, which connects it tae Dahran in Saudi Arabie.[5]

Several caur an furniture showrooms an aa mak up the new development on the island.

The Sitra Causeway connects the north o the island tae Nabih Saleh an tae Umm al Hussam (Manama) on Bahrain Island. A sma brig on the sooth wast o the Sitra an aa joins Bahrain Island, near the veelages o Ma'ameer an Eker.

The Sitra Club is a cultural an sports club for the island.

Sitra Municipality[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cairt o Bahrain showin Sitrah municipality

Sitra wis an aa the name o a municipality in Bahrain afore thay wur re-organized as govrenorates. The Sitra Municipality consistit o the island o Sitra an three veelages close tae it on the main island o Bahrain: Ma'ameer, Eker an Nuwaidrat.[6]

The aurie covered bi Sitra Municipality handles Bahrain's entire petroleum production. It is an aa the export centre for the ile fields in northeastren Saudi Arabie. [7]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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