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A govrenorate is an admeenistrative diveesion o a kintra. It is heidit bi a govrenor. As Inglis-speakin naitions tend tae caw regions administered bi govrenors aither states, provinces, or colonies, the term govrenorate is aften uised in translation frae non-Inglis-speakin administrations.

The maist common uisage is as a translation o the Arabic Muhafazah rarely Wilayah. It mey an aa refer tae the guberniya an general-gubernatorstvo o Imperial Roushie or the 34 gobernaciones o Imperial Spain.

Arab kintras

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The term govrenorate is widely uised in Arab kintras tae describe an administrative unit. Some govrenorates combine mair nor ane wilayah; ithers closely follae traditional boondaries inheritit frae the Ottoman Empire's vilayet seestem.

Wi the exception o Tunisie, aw translations intae the term govrenorate oreeginate in the Arabic wird muhafazah.

Roushie Empire

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Congress Kinrick o Poland

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Grand Duchy o Finland

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Spaingie Empire

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In the Spaingie Empire, the gobernaciones ("govrenorships" or "govrenorates") wur an administrative diveesion, roughly analogous tae a province directly beneath the level o the audiencia or caiptaincy general, an the viceroy in auries directly unner the viceroy's admeenistration. The pouers an duties o a govrenor wur identical tae a corregidor but a govrenor managed a lairger or mair prosperous aurie than the umwhile.

Italian Empire

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In the day's German states o Baden-Württemberg, Bavarie, Hesse, an North Rhine-Westphalie thare are - an earlier in mony mair German states thare wur - sub-state admeenistrative regions cried in German: Regierungsbezirk, which is whiles translatit intae Inglis as govrenorate.

Durin the time o the Third Reich, a "General Govrenment for the Occupied Polis Auries" (German: Generalgouvernement für die besetzten polnischen Gebiete) existit. The German (based on a traditional Proushyan term) is whiles translatit as General Govrenorate.


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Durin Warld War II, Romanie admeenistrated three govrenorates: Bessarabie Govrenorate, Bukovina Govrenorate an Transnistrie Govrenorate.

Vatican Ceety

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Unner the Fundamental Law for the Vatican Ceety State, the pape's executive authority for the Vatican Ceety is exercised bi the Governorate for the Vatican Ceety State. The Preses o the Vatican Ceety's legislative body is ex officio the Preses o the Govrenorate. The ither key officers o the Govrenorate are the General Secretary an the Vice General Secretary. Aw three officers are appointit bi the pape for five-year terms.[1]


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