Roushie Empire

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Roushie Empire
Россійская Имперія  (Pre-reformed Russian)
Российская империя  (RussianCyrillic)
Rossiyskaya imperiya  (transliteration)

Flag Coat o airms
"S nami Bog!"
Съ нами Богъ!
"God is with us!"
Aw territories that war ever pairt o the Roushie Empire or in its sphere o influence.
  Spheres o influence
Caipital St. Petersburg (main caipital), Moscow
Leids Offeecial
Releegion Offeecial
Roushie Orthodox
Government Absolute monarchy (1721–1906)
Constitutional monarchy (1906–1917)
 -  1721–1725 (first) Peter I
 -  1894–1917 (last) Nicholas II
 -  1905–1906 (first) Sergei Witte
 -  1917 (last) Nikolai Golitsyn
Emperor exercises legislative
pouer in conjunction wi the
State Cooncil an State Duma[1]
 -  Upper hoose State Cooncil
 -  Lawer hoose State Duma
 -  Accession o Peter I 7 May [O.S. 27 Apr] 1682[c]
 -  Empire proclaimed 22 Oct [O.S. 11 Oct] 1721
 -  Decembrist revolt 26 Dec [O.S. 14 Dec] 1825
 -  Feudalism abolished 3 Mar [O.S. 19 Feb] 1861
 -  1905 Revolution Jan–Dec 1905
 -  Constitution adoptit 6 May [O.S. 23 Apr] 1906
 -  Februar Revolution 15 Mar [O.S. 2 Mar] 1917
 -  October Revolution 7 Nov [O.S. 25 Oct] 1917
 -  1866 22,800,000 km² (8,803,129 sq mi)
 -  1916 21,799,825 km² (8,416,959 sq mi)
 -  1916 est. 181,537,800 
Siller Ruble
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Tsardom o Roushie
Roushie Republic
Ober Ost
Karafuto Prefectur
Department o Alaska
Northren Caucasus
State o
The day pairt o

The Roushie Empire (Pre-reform Roushie orthografie: Россійская Имперія, Modren Roushie: Российская империя, translit: Rossiyskaya Imperiya) wis a state that existit frae 1721 till owerthrown bi the short-lived leeberal Februar Revolution in 1917.[2]

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