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Judaism is ane o the first recordit monotheistic religious faiths an ane o the auldest releegious tradeetions that's aye follaed the day. The vailyies an history o the Jewish fowk is a muckle pairt o the foonds o ither Abrahamic releegions lik Christianity, Islam, Samaritanism an the Bahá'í Faith. Thar ar 14.5 and 17.4 million Jewish fowk atouer the Yird the nou.[1]

The Jewish fowk, kent as the Jews (Hebrew: יְהוּדִיםYehudim [jɛhuːdiːm]) forby, are a naition an ethnoreleegious group wi its springheid in the Israelites or Ebreus o the Auncient Near East. The Jewish ethnicity, naitionality, an releegion is strangly interrelatit, as Judaism is the traditional faith o the Jewish naition.[2][3][4] Converts tae Judaism, whase status as Jews athin the Jewish ethnos is equal tae thaim born intae it, haes been absorbed intae the Jewish fowk ootthrou the millennia.


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    14–14.5 million according to:
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