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The Jewish religious symbol.

Judaism is the releegion o the Jewish fowk wi aboot 15 million follaers as o 2006. It is ane o the first recordit monotheistic faiths an ane o the auldest releegious tradeetions that's aye follaed the day. The vailyies an history o the Jewish fowk is a muckle pairt o the foonds o ither Abrahamic releegions sic as Christianity, Islam, Samaritanism an the Bahá'í Faith. Thare are 13,155,000 Jewish fowk the nou. In judaism, a rabbi /ˈræbaɪ/ is a teacher ay torah. thes title deri'es frae th' hebrew wuid רַבִּי rabi [ˈʁäbi], meanin' "my master" (irregular plural רבנים rabaneem [ʁäbäˈnim]), which is th' way a student woods address a master ay torah. th' wuid "master" רב rav [ˈʁäv] literally means "great one". the basic f'rm ay th' rabbi developed in th' pharisaic an' talmudic era, when learned teachers assembled tae codify judaism's written an' oral laws.