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Releegion - whiles uised interchyngeably wi faith or belief seestem — is for ordinar defined as beliefs adae wi the supernaitural, sacred, or divine; an the moral codes, practices, vailies, institutions an reetuals associate wi sic beliefs. In its braidest sense some fowk haes defined it as the hail tot o answers gien tae expoond humankynd's relationship wi the universe. In the coorse o the oncome o releegion, it haes taen mony forms in sindry culturs an bodies. Antrin times, the wird "releegion" is uised for tae designate whit wad be mair better described as "organized releegion" – that is, an organization o fowk uphaudin the exercise o some releegion, aften takkin the form o a legal entity. There's mony differin releegions in the warld the day.

Various Releegious seembols, includin (first raw) Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Baha'i, (seicont raw) Islamic, tribal, Taoist, Shinto (third raw) Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Jain, (fowert raw) Ayyavali, Triple Goddess, Maltese cross, pre-Christian Slavonic

Thir ideas anent the basic structur o the warld canna be studied uisin juist the scienteific method.

Releegions ettles tae repone tae speirins like "Whaur did the warld come frae?" an "Whit happens tae us efter we dee?" Whan answers tae thir speirins is fand, fowk sterts new releegions or eiks thair beliefs tae auld anes. Monie releegions believes in supernaitural beins sic as speerits, deils, angels, gods or God, that can influence fowk an the warld. Fowk that writes anent or teaches a releegion says thay gat thair ideas frae a supernaitural bein.

Monie releegions is gey auld, but some fowk shapes new anes whan thay dinna like the ideas o the auld anes. Things conseidert important bi releegions is cryed sacred or halie. Monie o thaim haes sacred beuks (the Bible bein an exemplar) that tells o thair ain main beliefs an stories.

Mony releegions believes that fowk will gae tae Heiven foriver efter thay dee, gin thay'r guid, or Hell gin thay are ill.

Releegions aften encourages fowk tae be guid, but thay aften causes problems an aw, acause a releegion's speirins is that important tae its follaers, an it's difficult tae ken whit answers is richt.

Historically, whan fowk dinna accept ideas aboot ithers' releegions, or ithers micht cause problems for thair ain, confrontations an fechts arises atween thaim.

Monie releegions haes biggins for thair follaers tae meet. Dependin on the releegion, thay micht be cryed kirks, chaipels, temples, mosques, shrines, or seenagogues. Monie o the warld's auldest biggins is releegious.

Table[eedit | eedit soorce]

Symbol Religion Number Grouping Invented Source
Christian cross.svg
Christianity 2.2 Abrahamic Levant [1]
Islam 1.6 Abrahamic n/a [2][3][4]
Buddhism 1.0 n/a n/a [5][6][7]
Hinduism 0.5 n/a India [8]
Folk religion 0.4 n/a n/a [nb 1]
Shinto n/a n/a Japan [9]
Sikhism 27-65 n/a n/a [5][10]
Black Star of David.svg
Judaism 14–18 n/a n/a [5]
Jainism barnstar award.png
Jainism 8–12 n/a n/a [nb 2]
Bahai star.svg
Bahaism 7.6–7.9 n/a Iran, 19th century [11][12]
Cao Dai white.png
Cao Dai 2–6 n/a n/a [13][14]
Cheondoist flag.PNG
Chendoism 3 n/a n/a [15]
USVA headstone emb-28.svg
Eckankar 0,5 - 3 n/a n/a [16][17]
Tenrikyo emblem.svg
Tenrikyo 2 n/a Japan 19th century
USVA headstone emb-37.svg
Wicca 1-3 n/a n/a [18][19]
Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974).svg
Rastafarianism 1 n/a n/a [20][21]
USVA headstone emb-23.svg
Sekanova 1 n/a n/a [22]
center|40x40px Church of World Messianity 1 n/a n/a [23]

Medium-sized religions

Symbol Religion Number Culture Invented Source
Flaming Chalice.svg
Unitarian Universalism 0.63 n/a n/a [24]
Scientology 500,000 n/a n/a [25][25]
Kokturk Tengri.gif
Tengriism 500,000 Neopaganism 1990 [26]
Zoroastrianism 190.000 Persian n/a [27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34]
Satanism 30,000 - 100,000 n/a 1966 [35]
Raelian symbol.svg
Raelism 80,000 - 85,000 UFO religion France, 1974 [36][37]
Druidism 50,000 Neopaganism England, 18th century [38]

Leet o releegions o the warld[eedit | eedit soorce]

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